Money Saving Tips

Here are some great, if not random, money saving tips.

Leave the oven door open after you switch it off and use it to heat the room.

Stop smoking – You don’t need us to tell you that smoking costs a lot. Just think about how much you could save if you didn’t buy cigarettes.

Sell stuff – There are more options out there these days to get rid of unwanted items and to make money at the same time.

  • Ebay – Probably the best know but the fees are high
  • GumTree – Lower fees than Ebay but not as secure
  • Shpock – Sell your stuff through this app
  • Envirophone – quick and easy cash for your old phone

Cut back on the take away coffee – With the price of a takeaway coffee running into the £’s why not cut back or even cut it out completely. Have one before you leave for work or maybe take a flask. If you must treat yourself, make sure it is a treat and only have it at the end of the week

Switch to Android – iPhone users pay way over the odds for similar or less features. Make the switch to Android and save 100’s

Buy own brands – Even when big brands are on offer they can still be more expensive than own label brands. Make the switch and you might even prefer them, your pocket certainly will.

Think before you buy – Probably the best tip is just to consider the options before any purchase. Do you need this? Will it help? Will it improve your life? Sometimes it will but most of the time it will not. So don’t.

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